On Demand Webinar: Demystifying Data 101: The Nuts and Bolts of Successful Data Ops

Everyone is collecting data, but few companies know how to get the most value from it. Between collection and complex analysis, there are many stages to data management — which means many opportunities for something to go wrong. According to Gartner, poor quality data costs organizations an average of $12.8 million per year. Minimizing this […]

Webinar: The State of Modern Data Architectures

Anyone who’s seen FirstMark’s Matt Turck’s MAD landscape is wondering when sanity will be restored to the data and analytics vendor sprawl. We’re sorry to bear bad news, but you ain’t seen nothing yet! The thirst for data to unlock untapped opportunities and insights in cost-efficient ways has grown to the point where companies are […]

On Demand Webinar: What is Document Database and RedisJSON

Document databases offer a flexible data model without needing to pre-define anything about their structure or values. This makes them ideal for scenarios where a data model is constantly changing or not fully known at the start of a project. However, the lack of predefined schema often results in poor query performance, making them less […]

Speaking @ CDO TechVent: Data Catalogs

December 15, 2021 @ 11:30am EST A half-day virtual event for chief data officers and team leaders that provides practical advice for selecting and implementing key data technologies.

Speaking @ EDMWebinar: What’s the big deal about data observability?

December 9, 2021 @ 11:00am EST For years, enterprises have run mission-critical data systems with outdated tools that weren’t designed to manage the current exploding supply of data. The problem is only getting worse as massive data volumes, data pipeline complexity, new technologies and hybrid environments conspire to challenge the business value of data systems. […]

Speaking @ Incorta | The Last Mile to Data Mesh: Enabling Real-Time Operational Analytics

Could the “Data Mesh” finally solve age-old challenges in the analytics world? The promise of domain-specific insights with baked-in governance sounds fantastic. Organizations can spend valuable data engineering cycles on the consumption side, instead of always working on fragile data pipelines. The key is an implementation architecture that embraces several core principles. Watch this expert […]