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Volume 2

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Data Governance

The modern disaggregated and decoupled paradigm to build data and analytics pipelines is leading to unprecedented innovation but at the same time an unintended consequence is that it is easy to lose the plot! 

table of contents

Chapter 1: Introduction

Chapter 2: Metadata Management

Chapter 3: Data Quality

Chapter 4: Data Protection

Chapter 5: Data Access Governance

Chapter 6: Data Privacy & Governance Security Privacy Products

Chapter 7: Orchestration and Automation

Chapter 8: Container Orchestration

Chapter 9: Observability Monitoring and Logging

One of the primary reasons data lakes turned into data swamps was because of the lack of common understanding of the vast amounts of data being ingested. Metadata is the glue that connects various producers and consumers of data in a consistent and standardized manner. It is the common language that binds various internal and external consumers using the same critical data but for their own unique use cases. It converts tribal knowledge into a well documented and transparent catalog so that faster data-driven decisions can be made. Unfortunately, there are no common standards which is why this book is dedicated to the art of data governance. 

The space of data governance is constantly in flux. New compliance regulations keep tightening the noose requiring innovative approaches to satiate the needs to data consumers while maintaining compliance. No wonder data governance is sexy again! 

This book is meant for data leaders who are accountable for managing the corporate data assets responsibly. Topics included in this book are as follows:

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