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Speaking @ Transform Your Enterprise Data Operations With Data Observability | DZone Webinar by Acceldata

What’s a requirement to become a ‘data driven’ company? Ensure your data team has a holistic view of data, and how it interacts with data systems and business requirements. Learn how data observability enables teams to:

  • Successfully architect, operate, and optimize complex data systems at scale
  • Gain full visibility into data processing, data, and data pipelines
  • Use ML to automate data identification, quality and management
  • Improve data reliability, accelerate and optimize data usage, and lower costs

On Demand Webinar: Data Mesh Panel with Zhamak Deghani and Dr. Daniel Abadi

Fortunately, there are new products on the market that promise to simplify and standardize data access and authorization across an enterprise.
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Speaking @ Inside Analysis: Working Towards A Modern Data Architecture

Staying afloat in the modern deluge of data requires a strategic approach. While batch processing of data will never go away, there is a pressing ...
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