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Discover opportunities for market advancement and company growth through outsider insights into your data analytics, internal processes, customer feedback, and competitors. 

  • Get expert advice and strategic data-driven direction to develop broad use cases and performance benchmarks

  • Facilitate customer roundtables for deep product insights and opportunities and develop specific user personas

  • Collect and analyse data to create product go-to-market strategies leveraging competitive analysis

  • Create a sustainable reference architecture and a plan for implementation

  • Provide thought leadership and insights on internal documents and processes

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Even if you have no idea what you can get out of your data, let’s simply start with a conversation and take it from there.

What is Data Observability?

Isn’t it ironic that we expect applications and infrastructure to have service level agreements (SLA) but don’t have the same expectations from data-intensive applications? Applications …

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Quoted: CockroachDB introduces Serverless as a cloud database option

The database vendor added a serverless option for cloud database-as-a-service deployments. Aimed at developers, the serverless model follows a cloud-native development trend.

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DataTech Vibe: Data Observability Accelerates Modern Data Stack Adoption

The modern data stack is immensely capable but comes with a price — complexity. Today, the stack consists of layers of abstractions comprising best of …

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PostgreSQL on the Move

For my first blog on the new website, I decided to write about PostgreSQL due to its phenomenal momentum in the market. This feature-rich …

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Quoted: CockroachDB update scales distributed SQL database

The latest database release from Cockroach Labs focuses on providing optimized capabilities for large deployments that can handle up to a petabyte of data.

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