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Speaking @ Data Opps Summit 2021

Virtual Event Dates: SEPTEMBER 29 – 30

Data: a concise word for a tremendous amount of information. Once, it was manageable. Today, with data scattered everywhere – even systems you don’t control – data often veers toward the realm of chaos. As a data professional, your mission is to conduct that chaos. Summit will show you how.

Hosted by StreamSets, the summit will put you at the center of DataOps action. Get behind-the-scenes insight from data-savvy organizations that are already putting DataOps into practice. Experience a full day of hands-on training and two days of comprehensive content featuring major brands, high-scale DataOps use cases, and community heroes.


What is Data Observability?

Isn’t it ironic that we expect applications and infrastructure to have service level agreements (SLA) but don’t have the same expectations from data-intensive applications? Applications …

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Speaking Event

Speaking @ AWS Startup Showcase on The Cube

September 22, 2021

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